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Insurance claims go up with the temperature

It’s not surprising that our outdoor activities will start to change as we enter the hot, humid months of spring and summer along the Central Florida Gulf Coast. What may come as a surprise, though, is the number of property and casualty insurance claims that also go up in relation to the rising temperatures.

Safety Tips For Sharing The Road With Large Trucks

As a driver, you should always be aware of your surroundings. However, if you are like many drivers, you might notice that when you see a semi-truck, you perk up a bit more because you are aware of how dangerous they can be. There are many steps you can take to do your part in staying safe on the road.

It is important to always be aware of what is going on not just in front of you but alongside you and even behind you.

Why you need an attorney after a car accident

Chances are your Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance will not cover all of the medical expenses you incur in a car accident, especially if you went to the emergency room. You should consider retaining an attorney who can help you recover additional coverage by making a detailed claim or eventually filing a personal injury lawsuit. You may have a basic understanding of PIP and your policy limits, but only an attorney who practices in personal injury law will know the complexities involved.

Insurance companies treat injured people differently than they treat attorneys. They know that the average person is not proficient in personal injury law.

The do's and don'ts after a car accident

The moments after a car accident are often a blur. You may be injured. You may be concerned about the other passengers. Depending on where the accident occurred, you may be on a busy street or highway. In all this chaos, if you are alert enough to think clearly, you should begin to think about how you can protect your rights as an injured person.

These 10 do's and don'ts after a car accident can easily be printed out and stored in your wallet, purse or glove box.

Types of Windstorm Damage in West Central Florida

Thankfully, we have reached the end of the Atlantic hurricane season. However, it remains essential for West Central Florida homeowners to be prepared for windstorm damage in the winter and early spring. Often, the slightly cooler months in the Tampa Bay area are accompanied by severe storms, and strong winds can result in substantial property damage. When it comes to storms that have the potential to damage your home, all storms are not equal. However, your home can be damaged by serious windstorm damage no matter what time of year or the type of severe storm you are facing.

With the snowbirds come crowded roads

They’re here every year, without fail - our migratory winter visitors. They flock to our fair Florida sometime in December or after the holidays, taking refuge from the bitter winter weather of their more permanent homes until spring makes it safe for them to migrate north again.  

If you are a permanent resident of the central Florida gulf coast, you might be rolling your eyes about now. We know you need absolutely no explanation of what we’re getting at here, but in the interest of being inclusive for readers who don’t understand why the mere mention of “snowbird season” might be met with a slightly derisive laugh, we’ll lay it all on the table. 

Who is responsible if a neighbors tree causes property damage?

In the aftermath of any type of large and dangerous weather event, there can be a wide and unpredictable range of destruction left behind that many home or property owners may never have experienced before and aren’t quite sure how to deal with. When this occurs, how do you sort out who, if anyone, is liable for the damage that occurred?

Property damage left in the wake of Hurricane Irma

Steps to take after a car accident in Florida

Even the most minor of car accidents can be very jarring and stressful. The shock of this experience can cause everything that happens immediately afterward to feel like a blur, especially if you have been injured or if you have never been in an automobile accident before. For this reason, it’s a good idea for all drivers to take the time to review what their legal responsibilities following an accident well before something like this ever occurs. This knowledge will be helpful in general if you are the first to arrive at the scene of an accident, but may even be crucial in the event you are in an accident yourself.  

Below, we have highlighted the important basic procedures that apply to any drivers involved following an auto accident in the state of Florida. By taking a few minutes of your time to familiarize yourself with this information now, you might also be taking a valuable precaution for your future. 

The at-fault driver is trying to settle, what should I do?

It's a tale as old as time: Jane Doe's car collides with John DoRight's truck because she wasn't paying attention. John's truck is severely damaged and he's also injured. He wants to file a claim with Jane's insurance company, but she's worried about what this will do to her rates and her coverage. She already has a few accidents on her record and this one could cause her insurer to drop her. Hoping to avoid this possibility, she tries to negotiate payment for damages without involving the insurance company.

If you're John in this situation, you should be wary of any at-fault driver who tries to make their own settlement offer for property damage and bodily injury after a car accident. Whether they're doing it because they want to keep their own rates from going up or because they don't have insurance, accepting a settlement before you seek medical attention and have your vehicle examined by an experienced mechanic and auto body repair expert is a huge risk.

How to Avoid a Storm Damage Scam

Was your roof recently damaged by hail or another type of storm in West Central Florida? Whether your home already sustained damage during a storm, or if you have concerns about roof damage caused by storms in Florida, it is important to learn more about scams where "contractors" offer to repair your roof. Be aware of scams so that you are not the victim of fraud that can occur following a storm. When your home is damaged, you can experience a range of emotions, from frustration to deep concern about whether the damage will be covered by your homeowners' insurance. Usually, this is when homeowners are the most vulnerable and the targets of scammers.

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