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The significant impact of a spinal cord injury

The spine is one of the most complex, remarkable and significant systems of our body and is critical to the body's ability to function. When the spine suffers trauma, the affect can be devastating. While there are different types and degrees of spinal cord injuries, it is one of the most serious injuries a person can suffer. If you have experienced a spinal cord injury, it is likely that the rest of your life will be impacted.

As a spinal cord injury victim, you may need support and medical care for an extended period of time, if not permanently. If you suffered this type of injury in an accident that was the result of the negligent or reckless actions of another Florida driver, you may be able to fight for financial compensation and damages that will allow you to get the help you need now and in the future. These injuries are complex, and you do not have to navigate the aftermath of your accident alone.

Do Florida's new distracted driving laws mean safer roads?

Soon, new distracted driving laws will go into effect in Florida. If you drive on Tampa-area roads, you may have noticed distracted driving for yourself, as it is quite common. People engage in all kinds of distracting behaviors while driving, including putting on makeup, adjusting the radio or even talking to a passenger.

You are probably aware that phones are the leading source of distracted driving, and actions such as texting, scrolling social media or even watching videos are some of the most common reasons for distraction-related accidents. With the number of fatal accidents in Florida continuing to rise, lawmakers hope that changes in the law will help reduce the rate of accidents. Starting in July, texting while driving will now be a primary offense.

Keep Disaster At Bay By Following Safe Riding Procedures

Hitting the open road on a motorcycle can be an exciting and freeing feeling, and as an avid rider, you may consider your bike a primary means of transportation. With Florida's year-round warm climate, you may never need to park your bike in favor of a more enclosed and shielded form of travel.

A Slip-And-Fall Accident Could Cause More Than Embarrassment

Although falling in a busy supermarket is an embarrassing experience, the real consequences can be life-changing. Millions of people nationwide, including Florida, live with chronic back pain after slip-and-fall accidents. Slips and trips can cause torn rotator cuffs, fractured wrists or hips, traumatic brain injuries and back injuries, all of which could lead to chronic pain or permanent disabilities. Property owners are responsible for keeping premises free of hazards that could cause falls.

Does A Sinkhole Threaten Your Biggest Investment?

Sinkholes occur across the country, but the prevalence is significantly higher in the state of Florida than in other states. Sinkholes are geological formations of limestone, and when acidic rain penetrates the soil and continues through the soil layers and reaches limestone bedrock, the resulting reaction can cause sinkholes. The consequences for homeowners could be devastating.

Hazardous Steps Cause Many To Fall

When you visit a public place, such as a Florida department store or office building, you have a certain expectation of safety. In fact, the idea that you are safe from harm may be so natural that you don't give it a thought unless you happen to get hurt. One of the most common accidents that may result in serious injury is a fall.

What Happens When An Uber Or Lyft Driver Hits Someone?

Uber, Lyft and other ridesharing services are becoming increasingly popular. Instead of renting a car in a new city or navigating public transportation, many people just pull out their phones and summon a ride with a tap. Not only is it often cheaper than a traditional cab ride, but it's just as convenient, if not more so.

How safe are e-cigarettes?

E-cigarettes have taken off in the last decade. While companies market them as a safer alternative to smoking since they don’t contain tobacco, e-cigarettes present a different set of safety concerns: mechanical ones. More to the point, sometimes they explode. But how often? And what recourse do injury victims have?

Who is responsible for self-driving car fatalities?

As self-driving cars continue their march towards wider adoption, legal experts are just beginning to explore questions of liability. Who is responsible when a self-driving car crashes into a tree? Another car? What if someone is injured, or even killed? A recent case gives us a better idea of where things stand.

Who’s Really Driving?

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