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Wind Damage, Trees, and Your Home After a Hurricane

After a powerful hurricane like that which affected Florida last month, policyholders are often left to deal with the damage to their homes and businesses caused by the powerful winds brought by those storms. Wind storm damage can be extensive and costly, and it is important to ensure that you properly document the damage in order to file a timely insurance claim. Given that Hurricane Irma recently caused significant damage in West Central Florida, now is a good time to learn more about wind storm damage produced by hurricanes and how to plan in advance to prevent this type of damage when a hurricane again threatens Florida in the future.

Distracted Driving Accidents in Florida: Second-Worst in Nation

Are Tampa Bay drivers getting into car accidents as a result of distracted driving? According to a study reported in the Sun Sentinel, Florida was recently ranked as the second-worst state when it comes to distracted driving accidents, meaning more accidents happen on Florida's roads and highways as a result of preventable distractions than in all but one other state (Louisiana). The study was conducted by a motion-sensing app called EverDrive, and it determined that Florida drivers often text and drive, or talk on a cell phone while driving, at rates that exceed drivers in other states.

Are motorcyclists unfairly blamed for causing accidents?

Our society is filled with stereotypes that - for better or for worse - shape the way we view the world around us. In fact, in many cases, stereotypes can even cause us to judge people unfairly, oftentimes to the chagrin of the person being judged.

Unfortunately, this is the world most motorcyclists in Florida have to content with. Even if a motorcyclist has an impeccable driving record, most people will still see them as reckless or careless even if they aren't. People may also assume that the rider will speed, dart in and out of traffic or will cut other drivers off without regards to the consequences, which may not happen or isn't something the rider would considering doing.

Are slip-resistant floors on the horizon?

Slip and falls are one of the leading causing of accidental deaths injuries in North America.  A new treatment process for floors may help make walkways less slippery, thereby reducing the risk of suffering a slip and fall accident.

Touted as "slip-resistant flooring," the treatment process creates an invisible tread on the floor that makes it easier for those walking to keep their footing. During scientific tests, the coating increased the slip resistance of the flooring by 400%. This new coating is starting to make its way into Florida establishments.

Fire Damage Claims for Condominiums in Mixed-Use Structures

In recent years, many condominiums and apartment buildings in the Tampa Bay area have begun to show up in mixed-use structures. That is to say, there are many more areas where you can buy a condo that is part of a larger complex made up of restaurants, retail shops, and other consumer establishments. In other words, living space is mixed with commercial space. Throughout West Central Florida, communities like these are being more and more popular. For example, an article in the Tampa Bay Business Journal reported that a new mixed-use development still under construction in the SoHo neighborhood of Tampa had already been completely leased more than 6 months before its planned opening. That particular development, The Morrison, contains 46 residential units and a wide variety of commercial establishments, from a Pilates studio to a cafe.

What if my insurer will not cover storm damages?

If your home or business suffered damage as a result of Hurricane Irma here in Florida, it is important for you to understand your insurance policies and how to pursue a claim if your house is damaged or destroyed. It is too late to change a policy now if it does not cover all the damages you expect to sustain, but you can still hold your insurer responsible for what you are entitled to.

Here are a few important steps to take:

Sinkhole in Pasco County Affecting Tampa-Area Residents

If you own a home in the Tampa area, you probably know that this particular region of Florida is especially prone to sinkholes. Indeed, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) emphasizes that sinkholes can happen in many different parts of the state, but the Tampa Bay area, as well as other regions of West Central Florida, are particularly vulnerable to sinkhole activity.

New Study Says Tampa May Be Most Susceptible to a Devastating Hurricane

While the Tampa Bay area has been spared the destruction of a severe hurricane thus far this summer, it is important to remember that hurricane season in the Atlantic does not end officially until November. According to a recent report from CBS 10 News, a new study suggests that the Tampa Bay area may be most susceptible to damage from a truly devastating hurricane. With rising sea levels and climate change occurring, West Central Florida appears to be more vulnerable-and perhaps among the most vulnerable areas in the state-to catastrophic damage from a major hurricane.

Hurricane Preparedness

Many of you in Florida, or elsewhere, may soon be facing one of the most dangerous weather situations of your life as Hurricane Irma heads your way. I sincerely hope that is not the case, but preparation for a storm can be more important than what you do during or after the storm. A friend of mine posted this, and I thought it appropriate to share. Good luck and may God Bless you all.

Do Summer Thunderstorms Typically Produce Wind Damage?

Anyone who has spent a summer in West Central Florida knows to expect a lot of thunderstorms. According to data from the World Data Center for Meteorology, Tampa has an average of 55 days during the summer with thunderstorms, with an average of 20 thunderstorms in July and 21 thunderstorms in August. The city of Tampa actually has the highest number of thunderstorms, on average, of any major city in Florida. Are these thunderstorms weather events that should concern you in terms of property damage, or are they commonplace summer incidents for which you do not need to worry about windstorm damage?

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