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Our Florida Personal Injury Lawyers are proud of our ability to serve our clients effectively and efficiently.

The Wells Law Group is proud of our ability to serve our clients effectively and efficiently. We believe that effective representation is based upon our understanding of, and responsiveness to, our clients’ expectations, needs, and communications. We strive to represent our clients utilizing the highest standards of professional ethics, knowledge, creativity, skill, diligence, care and integrity.

Our goal is to attain our client’s objectives in the most expeditious, productive and cost-effective manner possible.

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A Little Tip During Hurricane Season

Hurricane season is once again upon us. If you’ve looked at your Florida insurance policy, you are aware there are several types of deductibles for windstorm claims. The Hurricane deductible is always more, meaning you have to pay more out of your pocket to repair or replace your home or business. But when is the hurricane deductible applicable? Is it applicable when the storm is only a Tropical Storm?

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