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Slipped And Fell? What To Do Now.

In Florida, property owners are responsible for providing safe and secure areas for patrons and guests. There are times, however, when a property owner could fail to do so – if they create an unsafe condition, if they know the unsafe condition exists or if an unsafe condition exists long enough where they should have knowledge of it.

They are then immediately responsible for two things: 1.) providing adequate warning about the hazard and 2.) taking swift action to ensure the hazard is cleared away as soon as possible.

Keeping this in mind, think about a slippery substance on a grocery store floor. Perhaps a hole has been punctured in a large container of children’s fruit juice. The store manager or other employee should alert customers to the danger and task an employee with mopping up the juice immediately. Too often, however, this type of danger goes overlooked – not just in grocery stores but in many other places of business – and innocent people can become seriously injured in slip-and-fall accidents.

At Wells Law Group, P.A., in Tampa, we provide legal guidance to people who have been injured in slips and falls throughout West Central Florida. Read below for what to do right after a slip and fall accident. And, as always, reach out to us for a free initial evaluation of your potential claim.

Take These Important Steps In The Aftermath Of A Slip-And-Fall

Think back to the above scenario, and imagine that you are walking down the fruit juice aisle. You are moving along with your shopping, checking items off your list, when suddenly you slip in a sticky, sugary substance. You fall hard, you hear a “crack,” your heart races, and you feel nauseous from the pain. In a time like this, it might be hard to keep your wits about you, but some quick steps you can take could bolster your claim.

  • Assuming you have your mobile phone on you, take pictures and video of the scene. PHOTOGRAPH EVERYTHING. Do this before you even get up. Capture how you landed. Did you land IN the substance? Were you propelled forward, backwards or sideways?
  • Take pictures and video of the substance itself. This may be a key to determining how long the substance was on the floor. For example, telltale signs that the substance had been on the floor for far too long include: dirt in the substance, cart tracks through the substance, footprints through the substance and drying of the substance around the edges.
  • Did anyone see you fall? Get their name and contact information.
  • Alert the store manager to the fall. However, do NOT admit fault, remark that you are a klutz or say anything that could be used against your claim in the future. Do not joke about the fall; this is a very serious matter. Simply say, “I slipped, fell and injured myself in Aisle 6 because something wasn’t cleaned up.”
  • Go to the doctor. And, be honest with your doctor. If you’re hurt, say so. Don’t downplay your injuries or try to put on a brave face.
  • Talk to a lawyer who is well-versed in slip-and-fall cases.

We will take the time to go over the entire personal injury incident with you. We will investigate the property and see if they took the time to fix the hazard, or if they knew it was happening. We have spent over 30 years handling personal injury claims and have gained valuable experience – we will use every bit of that experience to fight for you.

These cases are not always black and white. If you were under the influence of alcohol or there are other extenuating circumstances we are ready to help, but we need to know. No matter the case we will take the time to investigate the claim and seek to get you the compensation you deserve.

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