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Were You Injured At The Store?

As consumer demands have grown, stores have grown with them. Lowe’s, Home Depot, Costco and Walmart dwarf the general stores of years gone by. However, added selection also carries added risk. With towering product displays and long aisles to keep clear, shoppers can be injured by falling merchandise, slippery floors and other hazards. Sometimes, the danger lurks outside, before you even enter the store, in the form of dangerous parking areas or curbs.

At Wells Law Group, P.A., we have years of experience litigating injury cases against big-box retailers. While their fleets of corporate and insurance lawyers will seek to diminish your injuries, we will take your side and fight for the compensation that your injury deserves. We have a long track record of success in Tampa and throughout West Central Florida for people injured in a retail store.

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The Most Common Shopping Injuries

No one thinks that they are going to be injured while shopping. Unfortunately, it happens. We have encountered:

  • Falling merchandise injuries – When you are at Home Depot or Ikea, you have likely seen stacks of merchandise stretching up to the ceiling, accessible only by forklift. This is an efficient use of space if everything stays put, but it can be a fatal hazard if it does not. Large loads falling from above can crush – or even kill – customers.
  • Dangerous floors – Some retailers often mop their floors obsessively to keep them clean, but leaving wet floors unmarked is an even greater hazard. Employees and customers spill items, roofs leak, products on shelves leak or break. Many people have experienced a slip-and-fall injury from these dangerous areas. Slip and fall injuries occur in parking lots and entryways to these and other businesses as well.
  • Elevator and escalator injuries – Elevators and escalators are often the most complex equipment that a retailer or shopping mall has to maintain. However, with their moving parts and significant power, they also present the greatest danger to consumers.

Even people with serious injuries are often met with resistance from corporate and insurance adjusters, as well as the attorneys retained by or for the business. Fortunately, we not only know how to handle these claims, but we also know what comprehensive settlements and verdicts should look like that cover not only the needs you have today but also the needs you are likely to have in the future. We will use that knowledge to extract the maximum possible compensation so that you can continue living your life.

We Will Take Your Side Against Corporate Interests

While a retailer may not have intended for you to get injured, they also do not willingly hand out fair settlements or roll over when you sue them. That is why you need an experienced attorney on your side.

If you have a shopping-related injury, contact us as soon as you can. You can discuss your situation with us absolutely free of charge. Get in touch by email or by phone: 813-413-7377.