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Filing A Homeowner’s Claim For Water Damage

You came home from work, or a vacation, and you find three inches of water all over the floor of your home, wet drywall, wet kitchen cabinets and the carpet in the living room is soaked. What do you do? Notify your homeowner’s insurance company.

A homeowner’s insurance claim is necessary after water damage caused by:

  • Ruptured hot water tank
  • Broken water pipe
  • Cracked toilet tank
  • Broken dishwasher or washing machine hose
  • Resulting mold damage
  • Loss of or damage to personal property (furnishings, clothing and other contents)
  • Loss of use and extra living expenses

Water-Related Claims Can Create Issues

Understanding insurance coverage for accidental discharge of water from a plumbing system in your home can be tricky. Policies exclude most situations that involve water seepage or leakage that occurs over a period of time (because that is a maintenance issue) and insurers take advantage of that exclusion frequently. Just because your insurer says the water damage to your home is not covered, does not mean that determination is correct.

Insurance Companies Are Not Always Right

Sometimes the insurance company will go so far as to hire a contractor or an engineering firm to “confirm” all of the causes of the water damage that are excluded under the policy. In addition, insurance companies have dozens of attorneys on staff to help minimize the amount you are paid for your claim. By hiring Wells Law Group, P.A., you are no longer an individual against an adjuster, and multiple claim management personnel, as well as a bunch of lawyers paid specifically to devise a way to pay you as little as possible.

Take the time to talk to a lawyer who fully understands your situation and wants to help. If the actions of your insurer are delaying or otherwise causing problems with your insurance claim, Wells Law Group, P.A., can help.

If Your Insurer …

  • Delays the adjustment of your claim
  • Denies that coverage exists
  • Makes misleading or false statements
  • Avoids your phone calls
  • Undervalues the claim

You may have a bad faith claim against your insurer, in addition to the claim for your property damage. But keep in mind, not all delayed or denied claims are instances of bad faith, and not every bad faith claim leads to punitive damages. Contact our firm to learn more.

Wells Law Group, P.A., Can Help

We assist in every stage of the insurance claim process, including preparation of the claim, documentation of events and damage through litigation or appraisal, all the way through to the final settlement, appraisal award or judgment. We help our clients review their insurance policies to maximize coverage, use appropriate experts to assist us in coordinating and conducting inspections, testing and data compilation, and assist in the submission of our clients’ claims.

A qualified attorney with Wells Law Group, P.A., can go over your homeowner’s policy with you and assist you in understanding your rights. Contact our Tampa law office for a free initial evaluation. Call 813-413-7377 or send us an email.