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Warning Signs A Sinkhole May Be Nearby

Warning signs of sinkholes are numerous. What you may have thought of as an innocent crack in an exterior wall can actually be evidence of a sinkhole. But if it has only an isolated crack here or there, it is likely not a sinkhole, and will not be considered structural damage that would qualify as sinkhole loss, and trigger coverage. Or maybe you’ve noticed some changes on your property and are wondering if they could be a sign of a sinkhole.

Regardless, it’s best to be armed with as much knowledge as possible so that you can take the proper steps should you be faced with a claim.

Below we have listed some of the things you should be looking for if you suspect a sinkhole is affecting your home:.

  • Deep cracks in the pavement or sidewalk
  • Cracks in interior walls, ceilings, windows or doors
  • Cracks in exterior foundation or stucco
  • Trouble opening or closing windows and doors
  • Depressions in your yard, your neighbor’s yard or in the street
  • Circular patches of dying grass or plants in your yard
  • Sediment in your water
  • An actual hole opening up in your yard
  • Trees or fence posts shifting or leaning

We Handle The Entirety Of Your Claim

At Wells Law Group, P.A., attorney Kim Wells not only recognize the warning signs that indicate the presence of a sinkhole, but he knows the right way to put your insurance company on notice. Our firm will make sure you are filing a claim in a timely manner and that all relevant information is included. We will make sure you know if the offer given to you is a fair one or just a low ball, cost-cutting offer to help your insurer meet its bottom line.

If you’ve already repaired your home once because of sinkhole damage, but are noticing new damage, you may have failed repairs on your hands. We handle these claims, too.

At Wells Law Group, P.A., we can help you determine what needs to be done should you be faced with damage repair due to a Florida sinkhole.

If you live anywhere in West Central Florida, our lawyer Kim Wells can help. Just schedule a free initial evaluation at our office in Tampa by calling 813-413-7377 or filling out this contact form.