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Sinkhole Repair In Florida

Under Florida law, when an insurance company confirms the presence of sinkhole loss, the insurer must pay to repair a sinkhole-damaged home. If the cost of the sinkhole repairs exceeds the amount of a policy’s limits — which does happen — the insurance company must either pay the actual amount, even if it is above policy limits, or pay the property owner the limits of the policy and walk away.

Usually, to stabilize the land, the insurance company will pay to grout the soil. This is accomplished by injecting a cement-based material around the perimeter of the home and to an appropriate depth beneath it. While “grout only” repairs are usually suggested by insurance companies, they often fail. This is because if the upper 10 to 15 feet of soil is loose, it is usually unaffected by grout unless chemical grout, a polyurethane type of substance, is used (and it often is not) to coalesce the loose near-surface soils.

In some cases, including when there is abundant clay or organic affecting the near-surface soils, or voids, the preferred and more successful way of stabilizing a home involves adding underpins beneath it, which realigns the home and protects it from further damage.

What If Insurance Balks At Paying For Repairs To Your Home?

Your insurance company will likely try to push you into the cheaper and less successful way of “fixing” your home. Attorney Kim Wells, founder of Wells Law Group, P.A., has decades of experience fighting major insurance companies in Florida and making sure clients receive the coverage they deserve.

We will go to great lengths to ensure that you are treated fairly and that your claim evaluation is conducted by a neutral, third-party engineer. We are very familiar with the ins and outs of sinkhole claims and will be happy to assist you with your claim.

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