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Do You Need Help Filing A Sinkhole Claim?

If you think you might have a sinkhole claim or you are unsure about whether you have a sinkhole, contact us for a free evaluation. We can help you file a sinkhole claim with your insurer.

Attorney Kim Wells and Wells Law Group, P.A., will represent you throughout the process of filing a claim, making sure it is done correctly and that proper testing is completed. After the insurance company receives the engineering report, your attorney will work to obtain a successful resolution to your claim, helping you collect enough money to facilitate rehabilitation, including the stabilization and repair of your home and foundation.

Sinkhole Damage Can Be Subtle — Check Carefully For These Signs And Symptoms!

The appearance of a sinkhole can take many shapes and forms. Sometimes it is:

  • Hairline cracks in your ceiling, inside and outside walls, floors or foundation
  • Trouble opening or closing windows or doors
  • Floors that seem to be separating from the wall
  • Walls separating from the ceiling
  • Cabinets separating from the wall
  • Cracks in pool decking or a leak in your pool
  • Circular patches of wilting grass in your yard or your neighbor’s yard
  • Fence posts or trees tilting to one side
  • Sediment in your water

If you don’t pay attention to these signs, you could soon have major damage on your hands.

We Can Put Your Mind At Ease

Wells Law Group, P.A., has considerable experience facilitating sinkhole claims and will help you understand the confusing language of your sinkhole insurance policy. A sinkhole claim must be filed carefully and is best handled by an attorney. While you would like to think the insurance company is on your side and will do the right thing, that is not always so.

What Happens If I Submit A Sinkhole Claim Myself?

Things To Be Aware Of When Dealing With Your Insurer

When you submit a sinkhole claim, your insurer will send a representative to your property to assess the damages. If the insurer believes the damages to your home may have been caused by a sinkhole, the insurance company will then hire a structural engineer to determine if your home is suffering from structural damage. If so, the insurer will retain a geologist and geotechnical engineer to do the tests needed to determine whether there is sinkhole activity on your property. Should sinkhole activity be found, the insurer will recommend a course of action for repair of sinkhole damages.

Many times, even when there is potential evidence of a sinkhole, the “expert” hired by the insurer will interpret the results improperly and claim there is no sinkhole and the damage is due to normal settlement or other causes. Or worse, if you have a sinkhole, the expert retained by the insurer claims there is no structural damage to the home, so your loss is not covered. If the damage is due to settlement, material shrinkage or other problems, there is likely no coverage, and that is why an insurer’s “expert” will often make this determination. That’s where we come in.

We will retain independent geologists and engineers to interpret the insurance company’s testing reports and conduct our own testing when warranted. The experts we retain on your behalf will give us honest opinions regarding the insurer’s testing as well as the results of their tests.

What If I’ve Already Filed A Claim Without An Attorney? Can You Still Help Me?

If you have already filed a sinkhole claim and you think you are being treated unfairly or do not understand or believe the insurer’s test report, Wells Law Group, P.A., will be happy to review your case at no charge.

Our experts will review the geotechnical report and recommend a course of action. Don’t assume that just because the insurer denied the existence of a sinkhole or offered you very little money to repair the damages that you will have to settle for what you are offered. attorney Kim Wells at Wells Law Group, P.A., will fight for what you are entitled to under your policy.

Sinkhole claims are tricky. If you think you might have a sinkhole, contact us right away for an appointment. It is important to get the potential sinkhole evaluated promptly and properly.

Still Have Questions?

If you still have questions about whether a sinkhole is threatening the integrity of your home, visit our Sinkhole FAQs page for answers.

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