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Did An Insurance Company Deny Your Life Insurance Claim?

As a beneficiary, have you been denied payment on a life insurance policy after a loved one passed away?

If so, the services of an experienced insurance claims attorney may be needed. Many people purchase life insurance policies to make sure their loved ones are provided for after the policyholder’s death. The financial support provided by such a policy can be crucial to your economic survival. But what do you do when an insurance company won’t pay?

Addressing Bad Faith With The Help Of An Attorney

Some insurance companies will look for an excuse to deny your claim. When you’re dealing with an insurance company, you’re dealing with a business that is profit driven — and the adjusters handling claims often have a financial incentive to deny, underpay, or delay payment of a claim. The insurer may not investigate the claim properly. It may allege that there is a misstatement on the application or that there are questionable circumstances surrounding the policyholder’s death. The result is increased grief and hardship during a time that is already traumatic.

Wells Law Group, P.A., Can Help With Your Denied Claim

The Wells Law Group, P.A., helps families across Tampa and West Central Florida collect what is owed under a deceased loved one’s life insurance policy. We will make sure you are treated fairly and that you have all of your legal needs addressed properly and promptly.

Managing attorney Kim Wells has considerable experience dealing with major insurance companies — he knows their tactics and what they expect to see, giving him the ability to successfully fight back against those insurers who are denying or delaying payment on a claim, or acting in bad faith.

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