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Difficulty Collecting Disability Insurance Claims

Even if you took the precaution of obtaining disability insurance coverage, it is not always easy to obtain payment of the benefits from your insurance company. Disability claims may be denied by the insurance company for numerous reasons, including:

  • A perceived lack of coverage for the specific medical conditions you have
  • The belief that you are capable of continuing to work in another position or field
  • Your physician does not promptly forward medical reports to the carrier

What Should You Do?

When you know you have a disability, file your claim immediately. The longer you delay informing your insurer of your condition and claim, the greater the likelihood that your insurer will find a reason to deny it.

Request that your doctor provide you and the insurer with a written explanation of your disability. Present the doctor’s explanation to the insurer when you make the claim.

We Are Your Strong Advocate

At Wells Law Group, P.A., we understand the full impact that a disability can have on a person. Being out of work, even temporarily, can result in an inability to pay bills or make ends meet.

Our law firm has considerable experience handling disability claims, including those involving instances of bad faith. We can assist you if your insurance company improperly denies or delays a disability insurance claim in Florida and take action if it attempts to pay less than you are entitled to receive under your disability policy.

Important note: Not all denied claims are instances of bad faith, and not every bad faith claim leads to punitive damages. You need to talk to an attorney about whether or not you have a bad faith claim.

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