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Delaying A Valid Claim Is An Act Of Bad Faith

When the clock ticks on an insurance claim, the advantage is always to the insurance company. Every day it withholds payment, your frustration increases. You need to get your house fixed and pay for repairs. Why is your insurance company sitting there with your money, interest-free, while your problems go unaddressed?

Wells Law Group, P.A., is one of West Central Florida’s most respected and experienced law firms specializing in taking on these well-heeled insurance companies and their skillful lawyers. Our firm’s founder, Kim Wells — not the insurance companies’ favorite adversary — is personally involved in every case the firm handles. Having worked on the insurance defense side for years, he knows the delaying tactics insurance companies use:

  • “There were errors in the claim that must be sorted out.”
  • “The company is backed up with claims and is doing the best it can.”
  • “A key eyewitness cannot be reached.”
  • “We never received key paperwork for your claim” — even though you sent it.
  • “Your claim was filed too late — so you are the cause of delay!”

An especially horrible delay tactic is waiting until the policyholder dies. That’s right — if you are older, disabled or infirm, your insurance company may delay until you can no longer pursue the claim.

Speeding Up Delayed Insurance Claims

Insurance companies that waffle on payments are playing a game, hoping you are a nice person and will put up with its shenanigans.

The law says that insurance companies are legally obliged to pay claims consistent with the terms of a policy, and to do so in a reasonable amount of time. At Wells Law Group, P.A., we hold them to that standard.

Start Protecting Your Rights

If your claim has been delayed, denied, or lowballed to almost nothing — three common actions of insurance companies which also may be insurance bad faith — talk to attorney Kim Wells at Wells Law Group, P.A., in Tampa, Florida.

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