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What To Do If Your Roof Is Damaged In A Storm

Besides hurricanes, roofs are subject to serious damage by hail, falling trees, debris and high winds. Even though most insured homeowners and business owners are indemnified against both kinds of damage, many still must fight with insurance companies when they file a claim.

Assessing Damage Properly Can Be Challenging

Many times wind damage is obvious. Gusts and squalls lift shingles and tiles right off roofs and blow them away. In a powerful wind, entire roofs can fly away. Tornadoes also occur in Florida, usually in spring or summer, and can do catastrophic damage to roofs. It is hard to argue in these cases that damage did not occur, but insurance companies will still try to minimize damage or delay payment on claims.

Hail damage is more difficult to assess. A serious hailstorm may not appear at first to cause great damage. Insurance adjusters may look at the roof and deny your claim — and months later, your roof is leaking in a dozen places. Once the wood in the roof starts to deteriorate from the leakage, the damage to your home may become major or it may develop into something that can eventually become far worse, a mold or mildew problem. Because the insurance company delayed on a rightful settlement to your claim, your home may uninhabitable.

The Key To Filing Successful Roof Damage Claims

When your roof is damaged by a storm, you need a law firm that knows how to assess the damage done. At Wells Law Group, P.A., in Tampa, we will work with building professionals to properly assess the damage to your home or business. We will identify and object to delays that protract the nightmare of a roof that no longer protects you. We will use our knowledge of previously litigated roof damage cases to affect the most favorable settlement for you.

If the rain is coming into your life because your insurance company hasn’t kept its promises, it’s time to get serious. Contact attorney Kim Wells of Wells Law Group, P.A., today to schedule a free initial evaluation.

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