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Seeking Policy Coverage For Mold And Mildew Damage

Mold can develop after many major catastrophes, including:

Mold is present in the air we breathe — both indoors and outdoors — and it grows on almost every surface. Some molds can even cause significant health problems if the person is allergic to it.

Mold And Mildew Growth Is Preventable

Whether the sudden introduction of water into a home or building is addressed immediately or a few days later, it’s important to know that mold grows more rapidly in warm, wet environments such as Florida and when excessive moisture accumulates.

Unfortunately, water intrusion is sometimes not found until after mold develops, which then indicates a problem, and can cause issues regarding coverage. The best way to fight mold is by using an experienced, professional water/mold remediation company to find and dry all wet areas and chemically treat the affected area to prevent mold. It’s incredibly important to dry the affected area as soon as possible after the problem is found.

Important note: Mold and mildew claims are sometimes excluded or the coverage is limited under a property insurance policy.

Addressing Mold In Your Own Home

When you find mold damage in your home, it must be caused by an event the policy insures against to be covered under your homeowner’s policy. If it was caused by a negligent act of vendor working in your home, it may be that there is no coverage under your policy, but the vendor could be held responsible under a negligence theory.

At Wells Law Group, P.A., managing attorney Kim Wells will go over your policy and make sure you’re getting the coverage you paid for. In certain mold cases, extra coverage may come into play. The professionals at our firm know how to properly interpret insurance policies and show insurers the error of their ways.

Will You Be Able To Recover Damages?

Most insurance policies exclude mold damage or limit its coverage, which is why prompt remediation of the condition is the key to paying less money out of your pocket later on. Many times, it is necessary to force the insurer to live up to its contractual obligations after an insured files a claim. When that occurs, Wells Law Group, P.A., initiates an appraisal or litigation to enforce your contractual rights.

Our actions differ from case to case dependent upon the facts, the terms and conditions of the insurance policy, amounts in dispute, and our client’s needs and desires.

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