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Damage Caused By Lightning Strikes

Thousands of homes in Florida are damaged every year by powerful lightning strikes. Lightning rods and surge arresters do not always work, so lightning damage is common and expensive to fix. Lightning causes physical damage to the building, but it also takes out wiring, TVs, phones, computer networks, appliances, air conditioners and other home and business electronics. In some cases, a lightning strike may even be responsible for setting a home or building on fire.

Don’t Let Your Lightning Damage Claim Be Denied

Insurance companies don’t always take claims for lightning storm damage seriously. They commonly deny coverage, offer to pay a fraction of what the repairs cost or delay claims until you give up on them. They will demand proof that you owned all these destroyed possessions.

At Wells Law Group, P.A., in the Tampa Bay area, we have earned our spurs by taking difficult claims to reluctant insurance company representatives and lawyers, getting them to pay for your losses.

Not every law firm has the experience and knowledge of insurance company tactics to be successful in pursuing claims. Even large, well-advertised law firms have a hard time matching attorney Kim Wells’ skill — and our boldness — in confronting insurance companies and demanding what’s right.

Put Experienced Representation In Your Corner

Attorney Kim Wells’ experience working as an insurance company lawyer is the reason Wells Law Group, P.A., is so highly recommended to handle insurance claims in Florida. We pride ourselves on listening to our clients and providing them with the aggressive representation they need to confront their insurer with confidence.

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