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Hurricane Insurance Claims For Florida Businesses

You have worked your entire life to build your business — everything you own is tied up in your commercial property. Then a huge windstorm hits and the nightmare begins. You may be faced with an insurance company that balks when you ask it to pay your claim. The storm was bad enough. Why do you have to go through an additional ordeal? You don’t!

Dealing with commercial hurricane insurance claims in Florida can be difficult. But with help from an aggressive attorney at Wells Law Group, P.A., you can manage your claim successfully through negotiations or litigation.

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We Can Help With Your Windstorm Insurance Claim

  • If your insurance company has denied your claim
  • If your insurance company is offering too little
  • If your insurance company has settled the claim and you have already cashed the check, but you feel you may be entitled to a larger settlement
  • If you believe you aren’t treated fairly
  • If your insurer is ignoring your phone calls or letters

An Attorney Can Make A Difference

Insurance companies have dozens of attorneys on staff to help minimize the amount you are paid for your claim. By hiring Wells Law Group, P.A., you are no longer an individual against an adjuster and multiple levels of claims professionals along with a bunch of lawyers paid specifically to devise a way to pay you as little as possible.

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Wells Law Group, P.A., has decades of legal experience with litigation against major insurance companies. In Florida, tropical storms are a fact of life, as the days of Hurricane Irma will remain in our memory for years to come, along with impact of her immense devastation to commercial property and businesses. Irma’s impact has been felt by each one of us Floridians in some way, and a full recovery will take years. In 2004, four major hurricanes hit the state in one season. This caused insurance companies to change policies to protect themselves.

Make sure you speak with your agent and make sure you understand your coverage. If you have any issues with the insurer, please call an attorney to help you with the legal paperwork. It could make all the difference in the value of your claim and what you can collect.

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