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Rebuilding Your Home Or Office After A Fire

After the initial devastation of a fire, you start wondering what is next. Will you rebuild or can the damage be repaired? The decisions can be overwhelming and you can’t always depend on your insurance company for answers. Rebuilding your fire-damaged home or commercial building or deciding to repair your property is a complicated issue.

It is obviously in the insurers’ best interest to get the job done as inexpensively as possible. They may offer you a settlement with only enough money to wash down your walls and deodorize after a fire. Unfortunately, the damage could be more extensive and cost more.

The toxicity and acidity of smoke can damage everything in your home or business, including wall studs, wiring and other building materials. In a lot of cases, it’s easier to tear everything down and rebuild after a fire.

Important Questions

At Wells Law Group, P.A., we know the questions you should be asking after a devastating fire:

  • What do you do when the insurer’s offer is insufficient and will not properly repair your home or business?
  • What happens if it is offering only a minimal amount to “patch it up,” rather than offering you what you are entitled to under the policy?
  • Has your insurer addressed replacement cost coverage or code upgrades?
  • Have all parts of your policy been explained to you, including sufficient loss of use coverage to pay living expenses until your home is again livable?
  • If your business was left in ruins, did the insurer address extra expense coverage? Business interruption coverage?
  • Is your insurer treating you fairly?

Rebuilding Your Home Or Business Can Be EXPENSIVE

Don’t accept your insurance adjuster’s assessment of damages unless you are absolutely sure it is fair! Get a second, independent assessment. At Wells Law Group, P.A., in Tampa, Florida, we can guide you through the process of successfully presenting a full and complete claim for damages as well as assist you in obtaining either a fair settlement or a fair judgment if it is necessary to sue the insurer.

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