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When You Need To File A Homeowners Fire Claim

Fire! It only takes minutes to lose a lifetime of memories and financial security. It’s a devastating tragedy that leaves you grateful to be alive, but not sure which way to turn. You trust that your insurance company will be there to pick up the pieces and return things to normal. But what happens when it doesn’t?

Having a committed insurance attorney on your side can make the difference between losing everything and being paid what is justly due when making a fire insurance claim through your homeowners or business owners insurance policy.

How We Can Help

At Wells Law Group, P.A., we represent clients across west-central Florida whose valid homeowner’s or business owner’s fire damage claims have been denied, delayed or undervalued.

One of the first questions insurance companies will address is how the fire started. If the blaze is of questionable origin, you may be asked for considerable personal, financial, business and other information to help insurers determine if you could have been involved in starting the fire. Instead of receiving compensation, you could be accused of starting the fire yourself! This is one of many positions taken by insurance companies to delay or deny payment of valid claims.

Do You Need A Florida Attorney To Help With Recovery?

It’s not just material loss you’ve suffered. Recovery from fire and smoke damage means you may have nowhere to live. You may have nothing to wear. Emotionally devastated, financially battered, physically exhausted, you depend on your insurance company to get you back on your feet. Unfortunately, they often don’t cooperate.

Insurance companies sometimes make poor decisions, with the result being delayed claims and a process as painful as the fire itself. That’s where we come in.

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