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West Central Florida Fire Damage Claim Attorneys

When your home or business is damaged or destroyed by fire, your first reaction may be, “Thank goodness I’m insured.” But not so fast. The company that sold you its homeowner’s policy already has your money. It is in no hurry to hand it back to you in claims. You have already experienced one disaster, the fire. You may have a second disaster in store, if your insurance company drags its feet adjusting your claim, providing you with necessary living expenses or in compensating you for your losses.

Fire claims cases are complicated. Every homeowner’s policy is different, with specified payout limits, deductibles, limitations, conditions and exclusions. You will need an attorney experienced in your kind of case to explain your options and to press for maximum compensation.

Get answers to the FAQs about full compensation for fire damage claims.

Fire damages constitute the highest average claim in Florida, year after year. Even small household fires are tremendously destructive. Direct fire damage is only part of the picture. Damage caused by smoke and water is often greater than the fire damage and more expensive to remediate. Even the process of extinguishing the fire, with broken doors and windows as well as holes made in roofs and walls, can dramatically increase the total cost.

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Wells Law Group, P.A., in Tampa is known for its decades of experience filing claims for fire loss and other serious property damages and its track record of success in leveraging payment from reluctant insurance companies. Managing partner Kim Wells is extremely experienced in handling fire claims:

If your fire claim is denied, or the insurer’s offer for damages is insufficient, we can guide you through your next steps and help you every step of the way.

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Insurance companies have dozens of attorneys on staff to help minimize the amount you are paid for your claim. By hiring Wells Law Group, P.A., you are no longer an individual against an adjuster and multiple levels of claims professionals along with a bunch of lawyers paid specifically to devise a way to pay you as little as possible.

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