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Frequently Asked Questions – Hurricane And Windstorm Claims

What should I do if my home or business is damaged by a windstorm or hurricane?
If your home or business property has been damaged by a windstorm or hurricane, you should notify your insurer immediately. If you do not get a quick response, call an insurance lawyer at Wells Law Group, P.A.
Do I get living expenses while the insurer is investigating my claim or my home or business is being repaired or rebuilt?
Yes, additional living expenses are usually covered by a homeowner’s insurance policy. This can cover lodging, clothing, food and necessities for a designated time or up to a certain amount set forth in your policy, while your claim is being adjusted or your home is being rebuilt or repaired. If the insurer is not providing these benefits to you, contact Wells Law Group, P.A., to speak with our experienced insurance claim attorney, Kim Wells.
Even though no flood waters entered my home, it sustained water damage. Is this covered?
More than likely yes, if the policy provides coverage for water damage and the water entered the home through some sort of damage to your property. If the insurer is denying your water damage claim or stating it is not covered by the policy, our law firm can help.
How long does the insurer have to repair my home?
There is no set time frame. The statutes and cases interpreting this say a reasonable time is required for repair. This will likely vary depending on the facts of each case and other external factors. If you think your insurer is acting in bad faith by delaying your claim or refusing to pay what is owed, you have legal options. Talk to a lawyer at our firm to learn more.
The insurer is asking for a lot of personal information and documents. Do I need to give the insurer all the information it is requesting?
Yes, you have a duty to cooperate and you must provide all the information in your possession the insurer is asking for. If there is information the insurer is seeking that you do not feel it is entitled to, contact an experienced attorney at our firm for guidance.
The insurer is asking for my sworn statement. Why, and do I need to make myself available for the sworn statement?
The insurer has the right to completely investigate your claim. Sometimes it will request a sworn statement, which is within its rights. You need to attend the examination under oath and answer the questions as truthfully as possible. However, we would always caution a person about giving a sworn statement without an attorney present, which is your right under your policy. (Please note this does not apply in an accident situation where another person’s insurance company is demanding to take your statement.)

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