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How Flooding from Hurricane Irma May Be Responsible for Sinkholes in West Central Florida

If you live in the Tampa Bay area or elsewhere in West Central Florida, you may have experienced flooding as a result of Hurricane Irma. Although the hurricane struck Florida's Gulf Coast back in the second week of September and the cleanup and recovery processes are well underway (if not complete) for many homeowners, it is important to consider the possible link between hurricane flooding and sinkhole damage. To be clear, according to a report from AccuWeather, heavy rain from hurricanes, as well as flooding, can trigger sinkholes that can damage property and destroy homes.

Sinkhole in Pasco County Affecting Tampa-Area Residents

If you own a home in the Tampa area, you probably know that this particular region of Florida is especially prone to sinkholes. Indeed, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) emphasizes that sinkholes can happen in many different parts of the state, but the Tampa Bay area, as well as other regions of West Central Florida, are particularly vulnerable to sinkhole activity.

Massive sinkhole causes major problems for Florida homeowners

There are several families in Land O' Lakes this week who are counting their blessings and are thankful to be alive after a 50 foot deep sinkhole opened up in their neighborhood. At present, two homes are reported to have been destroyed with other nearby homes likely to have suffered structural damage.

Worried About Sinkholes in the Tampa Bay Area? You Are Not Alone

For residents of Hillsborough and Pinellas Counties, news of sinkholes forming and causing property damage is, unfortunately, a relatively common occurrence. According to an article from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, sinkholes "are a common feature of Florida's landscape," due to the geologic makeup of the area. While many sinkholes do not cause serious property damage, recent news stories about potentially dangerous sinkholes in the area have left a number of homeowners concerned about their risks of property damage. 

Tampa Sinkhole Closes Park

If you are new to the Florida area or have yet to hear about a sinkhole damage near your neighborhood, it is important to be aware of sinkhole activity and the serious property damage and bodily injury that can result from these phenomena. According to a recent report from CBS 10 News, a 90-foot-deep sinkhole opened up in Lutz, Florida earlier this month, and it forced the closure of the park in which it appeared. A fact sheet from the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) emphasizes that sinkholes are relatively common in Florida, particularly along the southern Gulf Coast. To be sure, the Tampa Bay area frequently has reports of sinkholes impacting residential and business structures. What do you need to know about the recent sinkhole? And how can you protect yourself from sinkhole damage?

What Should You Know About Florida Sinkholes?

Do you have enough information about sinkholes in Florida? These geological events can cause serious property destruction for homeowners throughout the state, and in rare cases can result in severe injuries and death. What do you need to know in order to keep your home safe from sinkhole damage? According to a report from NBC News 8, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection's Florida Geological Survey provides all the information you need to know.

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