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September 2015 Archives

What is 'wind-driven rain' and why doesn't my policy cover it?

Walking around your house after a severe storm can be enormously upsetting. Not only could you be looking at extensive damage but it can be very difficult to see your belongings and home in disarray. In this situation, you may find some peace of mind that you are well insured and have premium policies that you expect will help you rebuild your home and your life.

What options do you have if an uninsured driver crashes into you?

Most drivers are somewhat familiar with the steps that should be taken after a relatively minor motor vehicle crash. All involved parties are supposed to stop, pull off to the side of the road if possible, exchange insurance information and then go about the process of getting cars fixed and any injuries assessed.

Fatal car accident claims lives of family of 3

A recent Florida car wreck is heart-wrenching. A vehicle operated by a man with a suspended license hit another vehicle, killing the members of a young family in the fiery accident. The investigation into the tragic fatal car accident is ongoing.

Florida homeowners: know your legal options after serious storms

Property owners all across Florida are assessing the damage done to their homes and other buildings in the wake of Tropical Storm Erika. While the storm did not reach hurricane status as some had predicted, it did end up causing significant flood and wind damage. 

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