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July 2015 Archives

Personal Injuries Caused By Slips, Trips, and Falls

Personal injuries can happen anywhere, and they have many different causes. In Florida, residents know that slips, trips, and falls are common causes of personal injuries, particularly among the elderly. And given that nearly 20 percent of Florida's population is aged 65 or older according to the 2014 U.S. Census, it's important to learn more about slip and fall accidents and how we can prevent the injuries that often arise from a serious fall. 

Who can pursue a wrongful death claim in Florida?

Anytime a loved one dies in an accident, those who are left behind can be devastated and experience considerable grief. It is natural in these situations to have several questions about the death. Who was to blame? Could the accident have been prevented? How will we cope with the financial responsibilities of funerals, medical bills and the loss of support that resulted from the accident?

What damages may be available in bad faith claims?

Any time you have to deal with your insurance company can feel like a battle. You have to arm yourself with information, defend yourself against delays and be aggressive when it comes to making sure your claim is properly investigated. This can be quite infuriating, especially when you are already dealing with property damage and injuries.

Florida Auto Accident Report

How often do auto accidents occur in Florida? And what causes deadly traffic collisions to happen? According to Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV), there are a number of different ways that we could help to prevent auto accidents on the highways around Brandon and throughout the state. The FLHSMV compiled a Florida Traffic Crash Statistics Report that helps to show areas where auto safety is improving in our state, as well as areas in which preventive measures might help to improve the rate of highway fatalities.

Fine print can cause big problems for Florida motorists

When it comes to shopping for insurance, most people look at it as a numbers game. Essentially, we want to know how much we can get and what that's going to cost us. Whether you look at plans from two or 10 different companies, all the numbers and rates can add up to one big headache.

Road conditions might have caused Florida fatal car accident

When driving on Florida roadways, there are many potential hazards which drivers face. On a normal day, there are other drivers, roadwork, wildlife and debris. When thunderstorms arise and the rain starts to pour, visibility is decreased, and oil on the road is brought to the surface. The result is usually dangerous driving conditions. Such weather conditions may have been a factor in a recent fatal car accident in Florida. 

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