Central Florida Hurricane And Water Damage Claim Attorneys

Florida has gone several years without a devastating hurricane. But if you think hurricanes are a thing of the past, we have a bridge to sell you.

When they strike, hurricanes are merciless, destroying roofs, windows, basements, garages and siding. Appliances are trashed. Flying objects pierce your walls. Destructive mold sets in. When this happens, will you be able to collect on your homeowners policy?

A major complaint after recent storms was that insurance companies were weaseling out on contractual commitments. Policyholders who filed claims on hurricane damage heard excuses like these:

  • "The damage was not caused by a hurricane but by water stirred up by the hurricane. Your policy does not cover flood damage."
  • "We're still assessing the damage in your claim. We are experiencing a serious backlog but we'll get back to you eventually."
  • "Your condo wasn't up to code, so we're under no obligation to rebuild it as before."
  • "You cashed the check we sent you, which relieves us of responsibility for additional claims."

Timely Payment For Water Damage And Windstorm Damage

The insurance industry is a mess. Despite the rise in natural disasters, insurance companies manage to make money anyway, by playing a shell game with paper companies. The truth is, many companies are seriously undercapitalized. But that does not release them from the commitment they made to you.

We can assist you in filing and getting action on hurricane-related claims by both homeowners and businesses:

At Wells Law Group, P.A., of Brandon, our attorneys hold your insurance carrier to the promises it made, in writing. We conduct our own investigations, and when we uncover the real facts in your case, we will use our knowledge of insurance company tactics to end the runarounds, delays, denials and shrugs.

Talk to our lawyers in the Tampa Bay area at 813-413-7377, or drop us a quick note by email. Bottom line: we can help.

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