Lawyers Who Know How To Fight Back

Insurance companies don't always keep their promises, despite what their commercials and brochures suggest. Since money is what they are all about, many insurance carriers will do anything - deny your claim, delay payment or offer you an insultingly low settlement - to firm up their bottom line.

Kim Wells, founder of Wells Law Group, PA knows how to counter the tactics of insurance company lawyers -- because he used to be one. All the lawyers at Wells have experience and knowledge of the law and how to make it work for Floridians.

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At Wells Law Group, we turn down more cases than we take. We return calls the same day. And you always deal with one of our experienced attorneys. Your case is not turned over to a paralegal.

Insurance companies figure: "Any policyholder we can discourage from pursuing a claim, that's money we get to keep."

Our attorneys say: "We will fight for you every inch of the way, to get you the money your policy entitles you to."

Let Wells Law Group, of Brandon, Florida, confront your insurance company for you, and recover your legitimate claims. Call us at 813-413-7377.

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